Thursday, September 10, 2009

Supernatural - S05E01 - "Sympathy for the devil."

Pretty / Love / Love

Thunderstruck! ACDC is glorious way to start!
Supernatural is back and Lucifer is Rising! The boys get zapped outta the way and into a plane...? New Titles!! Chuck is fine, Castiel not so much, Sammys super apologetic and Bobby tells him to go screw(!). Wait, Bobby is possessed and Meg is back! Bobby is awesome and able to stab himself before offing Dean. This is where I yelled "Bobby! Noo!" The boys take Bobby to the ER and then rush off to find Michael's sword in Daddys storage unit, really?, no just an angel trick to get Dean to be Michael's vessel, angels act like demons and then it's Castiel to the rescue! Wait Castiel?... Castiel was brought back by the same thing that saved Dean and Sammy.. God?... Bobby yells at a doctor for not knowing how awesome he is, then he and the boys lament about how screwed they all are. Dean makes a speech about taking back the planet, no one is enthused. They leave, Sammy wants to find the Colt, Dean tells him that he was just putting on a brave face for Bobby. Sam says "Is there something you wanna say to me?" I wanna slap the screen. Dean tells Sam how he feels, my eyes well up, Dean doesn't think he can trust Sam anymore... who can blame him?
Kripke! You better make it better!

Highlights! Emily perkins! Bobby being awesome! Castiel kicking butt! Dean's speech to Sam.
Lowlights: Bobby got stabbed with the knife and survived, I would have been devastated if he was dead but wtf? Surely Bobby's got awesome protection against possession, how'd they get past it?

Overall that was a great episode! My favourite part of the show has always been the brothers bond but I was so freaking glad to see Sam get a talking to. They will get back together by the end of the season, I'm curious to see how they're gonna pull off Sammys redemption. I also look forward to seeing what they do with Lucifer and if they can do monster of the week shows.

Vampire Diaries - S01E01 - "Pilot"

Pretty/ Pretty / Hate

Dear Diary
I didn't think The Vampire Diaries would literally have diary readings in them, it's odd.
So The CW is jumping on the vampire bandwagon with mixed results. Everyones very pretty which I rate highly as you may have realised from the title of this blog and I do love the vampire drama.
The premise, good vampire comes back to town because he's a love with a girl who looks exactly like his 1800s girlfriend. His evil brother joins the party and starts to act... evil.

Highlights! Adorable ex-boyfriend, Vampire Fun (Glamor, Invited into the house, super hearing etc.) Douchebag teacher and Psychic friend. Bonus Points for using an All-American Rejects song.
Lowlights: "I will not allow it."- Stefen. The Fog. Old timey photo of Elena/Katherine. The Expositional "Where's your ring?"

Overall, it was okay, I'll give it another episode to entice me.

Glee- S01E02 - "Showmance"

Pretty /Love/ Hate

I haven been looking forward to the new episode of Glee since I saw the Pilot a few months ago. I even downloaded "Don't Stop believing" to my Ipod.
I love all the characters and the OTT nature of the show but this 2nd episode was a bit of a let down.

Highlights! I was almost in tears laughing at the performance in front of the school, More songs than I expected!, the driving lesson, hysterical pregnancy relief and of course the excellent rendition of "Take a bow."
Lowlights: Lack of structure, celibacy club weirdness, almost no character development and Quinn taking Rachels spot.

I have high hopes for the future of this show! Plz get better!